Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Wah re Indian Politicians....

2014 Lok Sabha Election,

Elections have been announced, everywhere the same discussion, same news.

Ek neta ne dusre ko ye kaha, das ne prtikriya di. Kisi ne sarahana ki to kisi dukh prakat kiya.

Ek neta ne dusre se ye Prashna kiya, dusre ne prashna pe prashna kiya "Pahle iska Jawab de", kyuki jawab to koi nahi de sakta.

Lekin in sab batao ki beech hum sab ya to News channel pe maje lete hai, ya desh ke dubhagya ko coste hai, rote hai. Aur hum kar bhi kya sakte hai, kyuki baki sab ko to apni apni dukaan chalani hai, Humme apna ghar apna desh chalana hai.
Haa mai sahi kah raha hoo, ye galatphami hai in politicians ko ki desh ye chalate hai. Desh to hum chalate.

Khair, Dil me kuch political parties ko(dukano ko) ko unke sahi Paryay(synonym) se sambodhit karne ka man kiya to aaj is liye fir ek saal baad fir likh raha hoo.

Congress: Corruption is best synonym of this party. Vanshvad aur Chaploosi ka viswa ka sarvotuum(best) example. Kar diya Bhart Vinassh. Inko jitni bhi galiya di jaye kam hai.

BJP: Communalism ke plateform par khadi, choti congress. Inhe Congress ki tarah lootne ka mauka abhi tak nahi mila. Congress jis school ki principal hai ye uske newly appointed teachers hai. Ye kuch naya karenge aisi ummed ek diwaswapn(day dream) hai, lekin congress jitna nahi kar payange ye ek sambhawna hai.

AAP: A attention seeker Kid, jisse kewal shor machana aata hai, highly ambitious. Jab chooje se nikale the to laga tha ki dunia badal denge, baad me isi duniya ka hissa lagne lage.

Samajwadi Party: Gundo ki fauj, taqat ke nase me choor aisa aarajk jhoond hai, ki baap bhai biwi chacha tau bhatija aur power ye hi inki party aur inka desh hai. Uttam Pradesh ka naam Ulta pradesh karne ki inki kosis safal ho chuki hai.

Third Front: Congress ke usi school ke alumni hai, ye bechare kabhi apna alag astiwa nahi bana sake to bechare kya kar sakte the, isliye sab apni apni choti choti dukan apni apni galiyon me chala rahe hai. Ek bada joint venture khole ke inka bhi congres jaisi uplabdhiya hasil karne ka sapna hai aur Har ek apne aap me congress jaisi Yogyata bhi rakhta hai.

Yaha pe mera samanya gyan khatam hota, agar kisi ke dil kuch aur galiya aati ho to please vinamra bhasha me jarror likhe.

Aaj mujhe ek Neta ka reaction yaad aa raha hai, Jinhko bahut bura laga tha, jasb kisi ne kaha tha ki sare politicians chor hai. halanki wo sahi kah rahe the ki sare politician chor nahi hai aur Sanshad ek Pojjniya stahal hona chaiye.

Par aaj me kahana chahta hoo, ki jis profession ki, jis Sansad ki jitni insult kisi ne chor kah kahki ki, usse kahi jyada, Khud politicians ne ki hai, hammare MPs ne ki hai. Sansad bhawan ke sammne thookhne se uski inti bejjati kabhi nahi ho sakti jitni uske andar note uchal ke, Porn clip dekh ke, so ke, chalti discussion ko band karne ki kosis karke, peeper spreay use karke hummare MP har session me karte hai.

Wah re Indian Politicians....

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Kai Po Che, A very Good movie, but could be a better entertainer too.

Kai Po Che…

Story of three Guys, with strong bond of friendship, with very different attitude towards life. Trying to do something altogether and start with a small shop and then a shop in mall and so on, and finally reach to some point as goal but not altogether.
It is also a story of Gujrat, and life there, Several time affected by catastrophes, Earthquakes, Riots, waived with the flavour of Politics, secularism etc.

It is awesome, all the three have been given fair space on screen and all of them shown best. Even all the supporting cast has done too good. They will make you feel the scene.

Screen Play & Dialogues are quite good and have the flavor of the period of time the story belongs too.

Over all Movie is very Good except a miss for the people looking for good entertainment.

If you love movie because of its content, it is for you. As it is A very Good movie, but could be a better entertainer too.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Believe it or Not...

Believe it Or Not...
Amitabh Bachchan is Not VIJAY...
Amjad Khan is Not GABBAR SINGH...
Sanjeev Kumar is Not THAKUR...
Rajesh Khanna is Not ANANAD…
Dilip Kumar is Not SALEEM...
Dev Anand is Not JEWEL THIEF...
Raj Kapoor is Not JOKER…
Shashi Kapoor is Not RAVI…
Sunil Dutt is Not DAKU…
Pran is Not SHER SINGH…
Amrish Puri is Not MOGAMBO...
Ajit is Not LION…
Dharmendra is Not VEERU…
Hema Malini is Not BASANTI...
Rekha is Not UMRAO JAAN…
Sridevi is Not NAGIN…
Minakhi Shesadri is Not DAMINI…
Asrani is Not JALIOR…
Paresh Rawal is Not BABU BHAI…
Ajay Devgan is Not BHAGAT SINGH...
Amir Khan is Not BHUVAN...
Sharukh Khan is Not RAJ...
Salman Khan is Not PREM...
Sanjay Dutt is Not MUNNA BHAI…
Arsahd Warsi is Not CIRCUIT...
Akhay Kumar is Not KHILADI...
Anil Kappor is Not MR. INDIA...
Saif Ali Khan is Not LANGDA TYAGI...
Manoj Bajpayee is Not BHIKU MAATHRE…
And the List is Endless……….

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Voting may change India's Future: A Query/Suggestion Regarding Voting

Voting may change India's Future: A Query/Suggestion Regarding Voting

Kripal Tripathi <kripalt@gmail.com> Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 8:26 AM
To: feedbackeci@gmail.com

I am a common man of India, busy in earning my BnB and trying to give my family good life.
But I am really very disappointed with the political inefficiency & Corruption, and dream to have it changed like every honest Indian do.

But this dream can not be turned to reality unless, The Indian Public will start taking active part in the Political
system, Though we can not think of all the honest person to stand in elections, we can think of all
the intellectuals to take active part in Indian politics by casting their vote. Yes I am dreaming of huge voting %, not just 30-40% but the figures in 90-95%.

It can be possible, and I am dreaming of it, and have some queries and suggestions which can really increase
the voting percentage close to 100%.

1. Can a person registered in a constituency other then its present constituency cast his vote for
his registered Constituency?
This can be sound irrational or unimportant for implication, but if it is implemented as Yes it will increase the
voting significantly. In present scenario every small city has too many families or I should say neculear families
which have shifted into big metros due to the Job requirement, but they are still attached to those small cities as their parents still based to that small city. Those families treat their metro address as temporary one and permanent address to their basic parental home. These families visit every Holi-Diwali to their parental home.
They don't consider that metro their home untill they buy a house there or after 10-12 yrs. After that only think of ration card, though start using Gas connection or Bank account in that metro. But even after many years they never think of Voter registration or casting of their vote. They enjoy Polling date as holiday, but somewhere in their deep heart the feel guilty for not casting their vote. They want to cast to their vote but three main reason which I could identify and refrain them for are "NO SENSE OF BELONGING TO PRESENT CONSTITUENCY", "NOT ENOUGH TIME from their professional life to visit home and that just for Vote" & "frequent relocation from one metro to another".

Mentioning again that it may sound irrational but if we count, it will be a huge figure, and it is not just a story
of few metros & towns but same is the story of Towns & Villages.

Me as experience the same want this to change, I want to cast my vote for every small Election in KANPUR, GOVIND NAGAR, But I live in GURGAON, and cant even vote here as I used to relocate in another metro, every one or two year.

Possible Solution:
Every Metro or significantly sized town should have some booth, where such person can cast their vote for the other constituency.
Though I understand it is not easy to implement as it need proper verification of the voter and it need ballet paper or EVM of their Home constituency.
But that problem can be easily managed if Voters will be given some period to get them verify at their local, close to their home, and Internet can be a easy and effective tool for ballet/EVM of home constituency.

Voting has power to change the future of my/our country, it can change the mindset of
the politicians as well as voters, it may create threat to a corrupt politicians, it will force a minister to
have second thought before favoring a biased decision.

Please think of this and let me know if this or anything of this kind can be implemented or already in
process. I will feel myself meaningful if could use myself as a medium to spread this information and
finally could contribute something to a better future of my country.

Waiting for your Response and will keep posting if find something more.

Thanks & Regards
Kripal Tripathi

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Its a real incident of my life, any BigB Fan will love it.


It is my real life incident and trust you’ll find it interesting ;)

During the early days of my DT Engineering career, I was deployed at Tamil Nadu and had one associated South Indian Person as my junior. We got to share the hotel room which was not a problem for either of us, but agreeing to watch a common TV channel in evening was a major issue of argument. Both of us were movie freaks but both were die-hard fans of different star, Me, A big time follower and fan of AMITABH BACHCHAN and he held similar feelings for RAJNIKANT.  Eventually the channel argument was converted into “Who is Bigger or Better Star” argument.

It continued for 4-5 days; we tried to prove our star Better and Bigger by several references, facts, news etc. It was like a mini cold war going on between both of us. But I had some flexible stand, I was ready to accept Rajnikant a Bigger star but not a Better actor, but for him Rajnikant is bigger as well better.  Comparing Amit Ji with Kamal Hassan was still justified since Kamal Hassan is an equally better actor but for me Rajnikant was not at all comparable with Amitabh Bachan. In case stardom is what matters most to him then it is better to compare Rajnikant with Shahrukh but alas he was not ready to accept any word from me. Then it ended one day with my single comment, he was speechless because that made him to accept what I wanted to say.

I asked him if he accept that all Amit Ji, Rajni Ji, Kamal Hassan and Shahrukh are very big star and everyone have huge fan following. He completely agreed. Then I asked him if he accepts there are few people who don’t like Rajnikant and some don’t like Shahrukh too. He again agreed. Then I asked him if he know any person who doesn’t like Kamal Hassan or who doesn’t like Amitabh Bachan, I gave him freedom to lie and to include himself too. But he could not say yes, and was speechless. It is the difference that I wanted to prove.

Though I know it was a bit childish as none of these names can’t be compared with each other. But as a Fan we some time we do.

I hope you like it, and please don't mind if you are big fan of Rajni Sir or SRK.

Kripal Tripathi

Friday, 24 August 2012

Tiger Temple Thailand


Today I visited Tiger Temple and want to tell you all about it. It is around 200km north from Bangkok and takes 3 hrs of drive, taxi charges are 2500 THB(85 USD), Ticket charges are 600 THB which includes your normal photo clicks like touching the back of a resting Tiger.there are some additional activities as below

  1. Special Photo click which allow you to click photo with the head in you nap, again a resting tiger only. It's charges are 1000 THB extra.
  2. Cub Feeding Program, it is 45 minute milk feeding to cub by a group of maximum 6 person in one round and only such 4 groups can go in a day as per schedule of milk feeding of the cubs. Its costs 1000THB per person and need pre booking that available on tigertemple.org.
  3. Morning Exercise Program, its morning program where you can play with tiger while he is bathing and playing, it charges are 5000 THB but it need early morning entry.
Prices are seems to be very high but reasonable due to high cost of this animal care as well some trained staff requirement due to safety.

My photographs of the day are here, https://picasaweb.google.com/106182890387151454117/TigerTempleThailand?authuser=0&feat=directlink

Let me tell its a very different experience if you are a wild life lover and vicinity of a tiger fascinate you. Unfortunately I missed the morning exercise and cab feeding program because of incomplete information.
But dont miss it if you plan to go Bangkok any time, I will also try to be here again.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

“Ek Tha Tiger”, More a Love story than Action movie, but A Good entertainment...

As an audience I must say its good Time Pass, must watch if you are Salman or Katrina fan. It has too many positive factors which supports movie.
  1. Action: Very fresh and different action sequences and fight scenes, especially in comparison to Indian movie (not with Hollywood ones). You would love some of the fight sequences of Salman and Katrina both.
  2.  Locations: Too good, locations used in movie are new and as beautiful as Katrina on screen.
  3. Katrina: She is beautiful and is one of the USP of the movie, YRF work very hard on the look of their Heroines and you can see it in the movie.
  4. Salman: Though Salman is best highlight of the movie, but I can’t keep him at no. one here, he is very good in acting and action, but first three overshadow him.

In short, Very good action from SALMAN & KATRINA Both, beauty from Katrina & Director( I mean locations).As a critics I want to mention some factors which disappoint slightly.

  1. Paring: Leading Pair look not so appealing on screen in some of the romantic scenes of first half due to obvious age difference, but they complement each other very well in second half action sequences.
  2. Pace & Length: Movies first half concentrate more on Love story then action where movies go slow, esp. Banjara Song, their Romance does not appeal too much due to  obvious age difference and not so good acting of Katrina, it has some dull moment here, though director tried to put some comedy but couldn’t work. Second Half is very good in pace but end bit early, it has some of the very best action scenes of  SALMAN & KATRINA both. So in short First half has loose pace and second half finish bit early.
      Over all a very good attempt but could be better.